MFHA - (Masters of Foxhounds Association)

Online Stud Book


The online studbook is available to members of the MFHA and others, from all countries, who are involved in the breeding of stud book foxhounds. Apply to the MFHA for access with this form.

Hunt Staff Benefit Society

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The Hunt Staff Benefit Society (HSBS) provides personal pension schemes specifically for hunt staff. Find out more about how to join the HSBS, or how to support the HSBS through various Fund Raising initiatives.

Team Chasing

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jockey boardsTeam chasing is an equestrian sport, contested between teams of four riders over a cross-country course of about two miles, with about 25 fences to be jumped. The teams set off at intervals and race against the clock, the time of the third member of each team being taken as the time of the team.

The MFHA is the governing body of team chasing and most events are run by hunts. The full team chase calendar, event details and entry forms, results and Material Change National Championship information can be found on the team chasing website which also contains the MFHA rules and regulations and articles written by current and past competitors.

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