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Conduct at the South Herefordshire Hunt

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The Masters of Foxhounds Association has established an independent Panel to enquire into the circumstances which led to the recent suspension of members of staff and the closure of kennels at the South Herefordshire Hunt, following allegations that fox cubs had been brought to the kennels, caged without food or water and subsequently released to, and mauled and killed by, hounds. The members of the Panel of Enquiry are Sir John Chadwick, Bill Andrewes and Pauline Tolhurst MRCVS.

The Terms of Reference require the Panel of Enquiry to determine (amongst other matters) whether, if those allegations (or some of them) are well founded, (a) any of those who were Masters of the South Herefordshire Hunt at the relevant time (and, if so, whom) had authorised the events (or any of the events) which are alleged to have taken place at the kennels; (b) any of those who were Masters or members of the Committee of the South Herefordshire Hunt or were otherwise in positions of responsibility within that Hunt at the relevant time (and, if so, whom) were aware that such events might take place; and (c),  if not, whether they should have been so aware. The Panel of Enquiry is also required to determine whether the South Herefordshire Hunt is adequately resourced, managed and administered to carry on hunting with hounds and the activities incidental thereto; having regard, in particular, to current legislation (including the Hunting Act 2004 and the Animal Welfare Act 2006).

The Panel of Enquiry are to report their conclusions to the Committee of the Masters of Foxhounds Association and to make such recommendations (including, in particular, recommendations in respect of action to be taken under the Rules of the Association) as they consider appropriate, including interim recommendations arising out of any provisional conclusions which they may reach from time to time.

The members of the Panel have seen and heard excerpts from video and sound recordings which have been made available to, and broadcast by, the BBC. Those excerpts support a provisional conclusion that young foxes were caged in a vehicle used by the South Herefordshire Hunt and were subsequently taken into a building in which hounds were kenneled. Further, those excerpts support a conclusion that the corpses of young foxes were taken from that building and disposed of in a waste bin on Hunt property. Without further investigation it is impossible for the Panel to reach a definitive conclusion as to what actually took place – and, in particular, as to what took place within the building – and (pending further investigation) it has not done so; but the Panel is satisfied that there are good reasons to think that the actions shown by the video and sound recordings which it has seen and heard had no place in the activities of a recognized Hunt; and that it is necessary to understand why and how they were allowed to occur by those having responsibility for the South Herefordshire Hunt.

A full and thorough investigation will, necessarily, take some time. How much time is likely to depend on the extent to which the Panel receives co-operation from those who know what took place; on whether the prosecuting authorities commence criminal proceedings; and, if so, on how long it takes for such proceedings to come for trial. But, until the Panel has an informed understanding of the circumstances in which the actions shown by the video and sound recordings which it has seen were allowed to occur by those having responsibility for the South Herefordshire Hunt, it is satisfied that the interests of the hunting community require that all hunting activities of the South Herefordshire Hunt should cease.

In those circumstances it is the firm and unanimous recommendation of the members of the Panel of Enquiry established by the Masters of Foxhounds Association that the Committee of the Association exercise its powers under section A.4 of the MFHA Rules to suspend all hunting activities of the South Herefordshire Hunt until further notice.

Sir John Chadwick
Bill Andrewes
Pauline Tolhurst MRCVS

 29 June 2016


Peterborough Royal Foxhound Show 2016 Results (including Old English)

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Hound Shows 2016

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rosettesStud book foxhounds from registered packs can be shown at a series of hound shows throughout the country during the summer months. Dogs and Bitches are judged separately and there are classes for unentered hounds, entered hounds, and hounds used for breeding. The dates for this summer's shows (the five main ones are in bold and will also list their judges where known) are below:


2016 Date    (where known) Hound Show Judges (major shows only)
Thursday 9th June South of England
Dogs:  D.B. Jones, Esq., MFH/ T. Lyle, Esq., MFH
Bitches:  Mrs. R.D. Green, MFH/L.W.J.K Neale, Esq., MFH

Sunday 26th June

Thursday 30th June Wales and Border Counties (Builth Wells)

Dogs: A. Dangar, Esq./Mrs. D. Bourne-Arton, MFH
Bitches: J. Thomas, Esq., MFH/T. Lyle, Esq, MFH

Sunday 3rd July East Anglian Hound Show (Horseheath Point to Point Course)  
Sunday 3rd July Stradbally Foxhound Show (County Laois, Eire)  

13th July

Great Yorkshire
Dogs:  I.W. Farquhar, Esq., MFH/Lady Arabella Moger
Bitches:  A. Dangar, Esq./T. Lyle, Esq., MFH

20th July

Peterborough Royal Foxhound Show
Dogs: T.R. Easby Esq./O. Dale, Esq., MFH
Bitches:  C.C. Frampton, Esq., MFH/A. Waugh, Esq
Old English: 
Wednesday      27th July Dunster Country Fair and Hound Show  

4th August

West of England
(Honiton )
Dogs:  H.J.M. Berkeley, Esq., MFH/Mrs. W. Chanter, MFH
Bitches: M.K.K. Hankinson, Esq/T.W. Allen, Esq., MFH

Saturday 13th August


Thursday 11th August


To be Confirmed

Scottish Hound Show





Is there a Side Saddle in your Attic

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Click here to see the Press Release from the Side Saddle Association


Peterborough Royal Foxhound Show 2015 Results (including Old English)

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Peterborough Royal Foxhound Show 2014 Results (including Old English)

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Peterborough Royal Foxhound Show 2013 Results

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Happy Birthday to the Banwen Miners

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This week we bring you an excellent new short film, made in conjunction with our friends at and presented by former Countryside Alliance board member and seasoned hunting campaigner, Nicky Sadler. The film is a true celebration of hunting, marking the 50th anniversary of the Banwen Miners Hunt in South Wales. The Banwen Miners Hunt has it all: history; characters; youngsters coming into hunting and a friendly, community spirit. We are treated to some vintage footage of the miners in their work clothes heading off to get ready for the meet and setting off on horseback from the pit, and there is also plenty to enjoy from the commentary of two of the Hunt's Masters, Jeff Evans and Peter Astle.

Nicky clearly enjoys her day with the Banwen Miners, attending the meet at what used to be a pub but is now the Rasoi Indian Kitchen. The enthusiasm of the staff at the restaurant and the warm welcome the hunt enjoys is a constant and is wonderful to see. One of the waiters also talks about his enjoyment of hunting. The only thing not to enjoy, it seems, is the high scent of the trail being laid.

Happy Birthday to the Banwen Miners, and here's to the next 50 years. Watch their film here and please send it on to others to enjoy. Members of the CA will also be able to enjoy Nicky's companion Banwen Miners article in the CA Spring membership magazine, out in March. 




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The media interest in the RSPCA as a result of the Heythrop prosecution remains very strong, several weeks after the case closed.  Below are a number of links to newspaper articles and radio interviews which you may find interesting.



Peterborough Foxhound Show 2012 Report

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The VWH for the first time won both championships in the modern Foxhound section of the 124th Peterborough Royal Foxhound Show (July 18th, 2012).  Martin Scott has continued to breed  this pack since he was Joint Master and huntsman from 1977-83.

The  124th Royal Foxhound Show was a remarkable display of quality at all levels.  It was notable for the rare absence from the championships of the Greencoats,  Duke of Beaufort’s and Heythrop, but their benign influence on modern breeding was evident.    President of the show was Mr. C.E.W. Saunders who has been a member of the East of England Show Council since 1966, and previously on the Peterborough Show Council.

Special thanks were expressed by the MFHA Director, Major T.R. Easby,  to the Secretary of the Show, Mr David Ralley-Davies, and his staff for the great success of the Festival of Hunting at the East of England Showground, Peterborough, which includes the Royal Foxhound Show.

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Symposium on Wildlife Diseases and Conservation

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vawm logoFollowing successful symposia in 2006, 2008 and 2010 a fourth Veterinary Association of Wildlife Management (VAWM) symposium is to be held at The Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 0AE on Thursday, 15th November, 2012
Topics will include:

The “Big society” and conservation
“One health” – integrating human, domestic animal and wildlife health
Life in the Wild – contrasting the life of wild and domestic animals
Disease threats from animal imports and pet travel
Bat disease surveillance
Cetacean strandings
Avian reintroductions and poisoning
A number of distinguished speakers have already been secured for what promises to be another influential and important meeting on wildlife diseases and conservation. Full programme and details will be published on the VAWM website


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