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Exmoor Foxhounds

Tel: 01598 710341

About This Hunt

Hunt Country The hunt country lies both in Devon and Somerset and extends some 20 miles East to West and 12 miles North to South at the widest part. The Devon and Somerset Staghounds hunt all the Exmoor country and our adjoining packs are the Dulverton West, the Dulverton Farmers, the Minehead Harriers and the West Somerset.

Hunt History The Exmoor Foxhounds dates from 1869 when Nicholas Snow hunted the country with a pack known as The Stars of the West. In 1889 the Hon J.L. Bathurst, another fine sportsman and hound man, took over the hounds and they were renamed the Exmoor Foxhounds. Then Hubert F Brunskill became Master for the 1905-1906 season and he them removed the pack to South Devon. A local Committee was formed and Messrs M.H. Salaman and H.M. Ross purchased a pack and loaned them to the Committee. Many fine Masters have held office in the intervening years the latest being Captain R.E. Wallace who was a Joint Master from 1977 to his death in 2002.

Secretaries: Mrs. P.D. Crane and Mr. R. Bowden

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