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Lamerton Hunt

Tel: 01822 860402

About This Hunt

Hunt Country The country lies in western Devon and Cornwall. To the west is Launceston, to the east Okehampton and in the south Tavistock. Dartmoor is in the east, part of which is loaned to the Spooner's and West Dartmoor annually. The terrain consists of moorland, wooded hillsides, dairy and sheep farms interspersed with forestry plantations. Some of the terrain is wet and difficult. There are a few hunt jumps. A good sensible horse is needed across the moor. Adjacent Hunts: to the west and south west the East Cornwall; to the north the South Tetcott; to the north east the Eggesford; to the east the Mid Devon; and to the south east and south the Spooners and West Dartmoor.

Hunt History In 1840, the country was hunted in two parts; the north-west portion by Mr. Archer, the south-east by Mr. Morgan. Mr. Phillips succeeeded Mr. Archer about 1845. In 1853, Mr. H. Deacon bought Mr. Morgan's hounds and hunted the whole country until 1859, when he sold the hounds to the Honorable Mark Rolle. The two brothers Leamon, who had previously kept harriers, then began to hunt fox, and they retained the Mastership until the death of William Leamon in 1877. The Hunt became known as the Lamerton in 1858. Hounds did not hunt during the Second World War, but a small pack was maintained by the late Captain G. Babbington, and sufficient puppies were bred to start again in the 1945-46

Secretary: Mrs. H. Snow

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